“The stories of Jason Tinney are the literary equivalent of the music of The Band – the weather, the workers and the mood of hard times in rough country with all the conveniences.  I can hear Levon croaking between the paragraphs and the plaintive cry of Richard Manuel singing this prose – “Thunder rumbled like war drums/branches of lightning spit like muzzle flash/the sky cracked like the lash of a whip …” – as lyrics before the flood. I have known the writer known by some as “Low Dog” for many years.   With this new collection, Tinney has emerged fully into his life’s work. I expect he will go further still.”   – Rafael Alvarez, author, Tales from the Holy Land

“Jason Tinney, an old friend, has what it takes. I’m so glad this batch of his stories is making it into the world for your enjoyment and pleasure. Sit back, relax, and read away—you’ll be so glad you did.”   —Clyde Edgerton, author, Walking Across Egypt

Ripple Meets the Deep is Tinney’s unflinching vision of American life during its fraying moments. Many writers would sew the characters up and send them on their way. Tinney is gutsy and artful in his restraint, leaving just enough material around the edges of a story for it to linger on the imagination.   – Holly Morse-Ellington, Fiction Editor, Baltimore Review 

“Jason Tinney writes with a journalist’s eye for detail, a musician’s ear for dialogue and a poet’s feel for the space in between what we aspire to be and what we are. This makes perfect sense, since Tinney is all of those things, and more. But in these richly painted stories, the labels don’t matter. What matters, and what delights from one page to the next, is that Jason Tinney is a masterful observer of the human condition.”   -Dave Sheinin, Washington Post journalist and author of “RG3: The Promise”

“Ripple Meets the Deep grabs you by the collar and sits you shotgun, barreling down the highway… Raw, sexy, honest.  Tinney pulls up a well-worn seat alongside the masters of American storytelling.”   – Sara Jane Sluke, writer/producer, National Geographic Channel