The Swinging Bridge Project

Jason Tinney and artist Brian Slagle have collaborated on The Swinging Bridge, a traveling literary and visual arts project, since 2004.

Art by Brian Slagle, "The Narrows" Swinging Bridge exhibit, May 2014, Cumberland MD

Art by Brian Slagle, “The Narrows” Swinging Bridge exhibit, May 2014, Cumberland MD

The most recent exhibition of The Swinging Bridge took place in Cumberland, MD. Celebrating 10 years of collaboration, artist Brian Slagle and writer Jason Tinney brought the latest chapter of their traveling visual and literary arts production, The Swinging Bridge: The Narrows, to the Allegany Arts Council’s Saville Gallery in May of 2014.

Exhibitions have been held in Baltimore, Cumberland and Frederick, Maryland as well as Savannah, Georgia.

Ripple Cover OnlyBrian Slagle created the cover art for Jason Tinney’s collection of short stories, Ripple Meets the Deep, published in October 2014.