Ripple Meets the Deep


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A man attempts to make a fresh start by reclaiming domain over his yard with the last birthday gift from his ex-wife, a lawnmower. On a tenth anniversary road trip along the 8,000 year old Natchez Trace, a couple discovers Faulkner, shrimp and grits, Morgan Freeman and how much they don’t know about each other. A son reconnects with a distant father and his dog, an American dingo, while “bucket-sitting” on a frozen lake. Weaving through these tales and more, a wandering musician–tackle box full of harmonicas in tow–is audience to the comings and goings of his transient neighbors residing at a La Quinta Inn and Suites.


Photo by Skye Sadowski-Malcom

Photo by Skye Sadowski-Malcom

In this collection of stories, Jason Tinney writes with a rare inner compass of the roads we travel, revealing locations interior and exterior in taut, richly observed detail both sharply funny and poignant. In these pages, in prose clear and poetic, is our earthbound American story, at once local and expansive.


Ripple Meets the Deep was published in October 2014 by CityLit Press, an imprint of the CityLit Project.