Shave ’em Dry

Shave ’em Dry, an excerpt from the Make Me a Pallet series in Ripple Meets the Deep by Jason Tinney

I raise her to my face. Her t-shirt is gone, Pumas kicked off, her yoga pants slipping away from her thighs, greased with lavender body oil, as I hop on one foot and then the other struggling with these cowboy boots, finally breaking free and tossing my denim across the room not giving a damn what might break.

She stands there. Her dimples deepen.

     You can’t get my honey without getting stung.

I fall to my knees, drowning where the Mississippi meets the Gulf. Sway to the desk, to the chair, holding onto her like timber cast off and floating down from Minnesota.sweet tea

Upon the shore we’re setting the woods on fire. I’m skipping, nose leading the way, turning curves, hopping through blazing thickets like Brer Rabbit, born from a briar patch.

     I’ll bring the coffee if you bring your cup.

     I’ve got the biscuits let me sweeten your tea.